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Innu Nikamu Festival

One of North America's premier Natives' music and arts festivals.

Presented in Maliotenam since 30 years now, Innu Nikamu, which means "The Singing Man", is the gathering place between native people and non-natives, artisans, families and tourists who visit the region. It is the perpetuity of the great traditional summer gatherings. The flourishing and recognition of this privileged event allowed the creation of a bridge between the various nations of Quebec.

During this festival, the artists succeed each other on stage. They are musicians, performers, composers, dancers, storytellers, rappers and elders accompanying with the traditional drum. Visitors will also find various kiosks on the festival site, offering crafts and demonstrations of cultural know-how from here and elsewhere.

The Innu Nikamu Music Festival offers you the opportunity to get acquainted with this unique heritage and to interact with the First Nations.