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Moisie River

Moisie River is considered one of the most important rivers for Atlantic salmon in North America.

The river’s modern name Moisie, meaning “marshy banks,” was given by French explorers. The native Innu however call the River Mish-te-shipu, or “great river.” For centuries, it was one of the main waterways the Innu used to reach their wilderness hunting, fishing and trapping territories in Northern Québec.

The Moisie is one of the biggest wild rivers in the province of Québec. It boasts a significant population of large Atlantic salmon weighing 7 kg (15 pounds) on average.

Since the late 17th century, the Moisie River has been the heart of commercial fishing and Atlantic salmon fishing. The Moisie River is known internationally not only for its Atlantic salmon fishing activities, but also for its paddling (canoeing/kayaking and rafting) in a spectacular and wild environment. 

Moisie River Protection Association