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Vieux-Quai District

Only a few metres away from the Cruise Terminal is the Vieux Quai (Old Dock) District.

Acting as the town’s historic center, this neighborhood is at the heart of Sept-Îles’ rich history. First inhabited by the Innu people, the district’s strategic location within Sept-Îles’ bay soon attracted explorers and fishermen who hunted, fished and trapped in the area. It therefore comes to no surprise that a trading outpost was permanently established by the French as early as 1679.  

Catch a glimpse of the fishermen in action at the fishermen’s park while strolling along the paved boardwalk from the Cruise Terminal, all the way down to the Old Dock. Built in 1911, this dock has been Sept-Îles’ only connection with the outside world for many years - no roads linking the town to the rest of Québec prior 1960.