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Cruise Pavilion Amenities

Kuei Kuei! Bienvenue! Welcome!

Few steps away, visitors are warmly greeted by a team of local guides and interpreters and invited to proceed inside the welcome pavilion.

Attracted by the warm scent of freshly cut fir branches, the visitors then penetrate into a vestibule recreating a traditional Innu Sweat Lodge, meant as a welcoming act of purification. Once inside the visitors are welcomed by qualified tourist information agents who can provide them with information about the city. Upbeat Québec folk music fills the room and performances by local artists and dancers enhance the already festive atmosphere prevailing inside the pavilion.

Local handicraft is displayed and sold in a succession of booths carefully gathered around in the middle of the room. Tastings of local delicacies awaken the visitors’ senses and remind them of the true meaning of freshness. Filled with precious and insightful information and with maybe a few handcrafted souvenirs on hand, a comfortable lounge area invites visitors to sit back, relax and plan their itinerary. 

Open to the public, the pavilion makes it all the more easy and enjoyable to come in contact with locals, adding to the general inviting ambiance. The welcome pavilion is within walking distance of historic Vieux-Quai District where a variety of shops and restaurants are located.

Services located within the pavilion include amenities such as free Wi-Fi internet access, toilets, Square payment and tourist information. Shuttles departing from the welcome pavilion help visitors get to and from attractions carelessly.

Car rentals and taxis are also located close-by and can be easily accessible from the pavilion.


  • Guest Services and Tourist Information Desks
  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Free Exclusive Tastings of Local Products
  • Bike Rentals
  • Hop-On Hop-Off Shuttles
  • Lounge and Cocktail Areas
  • Shorex, Tour Operator and Staff Workspace
  • Local Crafters
  • Mini Post Office
  • Visa, Master Card payments available
  • SQUARE payments
  • Clean Washrooms
  • Wheelchair accessible