Cruise industry

Since the beginning of the international cruises adventure on St.Lawrence, Sept-Îles knew how stand as an international calibre player in the industry. Our statistics demonstrates the growing fame of our port of call.

50 stopover days

19 different ships

16 different cruise lines

Passengers and crew members

Our devoted team has welcomed close to 80,000 visitors from all around the world. Most of the passengers visiting us come from USA (45%) and from Europe (55%).


Stopover days


Different ships

Activities and excursions in Sept-Îles

More than the half of the passengers explores the city independently. They rent bikes or cars, use shuttles and taxis, and go discover the museums and boutiques, taste our local meals, etc.

The others will buy one of the multiple guided tours offered by the shore excursion service in the ship.

Most popular excursions

  • Zodiac in the archipelago, whales watching and tour of the islands
  • Guided tours of the museums and other attractions of the region
  • Excursions by helicopter

Economic benefits from cruises in Sept-Îles

During a stopover day, passengers and crew members spent money on excursions, shuttles transport or others, on souvenirs, on personal belongings and on food, etc.

Added to these expenses are direct and indirect benefits coming from port income paid by the cruise lines, job creation, extension of touristic season until autumn, and the promotion of our port of call at an international level.

The whole international cruises project in Sept-Îles represents total investments close to $30M, including three main components:

  • Port infrastructures
  • City’s tourism development (Old Post, Arnaud Street, Tides Tower, etc.)
  • Development of tourist attractions for the Innu Community (Tenina Traditionnel Innu Site, Shaputuan Museum, Agara Complex, etc.).