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Welcome Policy

Born out of a desire shared by Saint Lawrence ports of call, the CSLA’s Welcome Policy is a philosophy that guides the actions associated with the welcoming of cruise ships, crew members, and passengers, according to specific quality criteria. The Welcome policy and management tools of ports of call define the procedures needed to ensure that services provided are satisfactory to visitors.

Specifically, the ports of call commit to:  

  • Demonstrate professionalism towards cruise lines, cruise passengers, and their collaborators, at all times;
  • Ensure an adequate, safe and comfortable environment for their customers; 
  • Give a warm welcome to customers, be attentive to them, offer products and services adapted to their needs and in the image of the port of call;   
  • Introduce passengers to the culture and customs of the region, upon arrival;
  • Demonstrate efficiency through teamwork;
  • Make sure personnel is ready and disposed to receive visitors; 
  • Display good manners and respect towards visitors at ports of call;
  • Meet the particular needs of different clientele and handle delicate situations appropriately; 
  • Promote regional products, services and attractions;
  • Attain international standards in matters of maritime safety and security.

In Sept-Îles, we do our best to offer a warmly welcome and an unforgettable experience to all of our guests. In each of our initiatives, we direct our efforts to the best marketing potential for our customers, by offering the best possible value for money, and by exceeding their expectations

We adhere to fundamental values which define profoundly whom we are and what we believe in.

  • Authenticity
  • Proximity
  • Collaboration

Guest Satisfaction Survey

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to fill out our port of call’s guest satisfaction survey. Your comments and feedback are very important to us and they help us continue to provide exceptional service.